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Beit Knesset Moreshet Yisrael




Daily Shacharit Services

7:30 am 


Friday - Kabbalat Shabbat & Mariv

6:45 pm


Shabbat Shacharit

8:30 am




 Welcome To Jerusalem's premier egalitarian Masorti (Conservative) synagogue.  Beit Knesset Moreshet Yisrael is made up of English speaking olim and Israeli natives.  Locals and tourists fill our shul on weekdays, shabbatot, and chaggim.  Our worldwide Friends-of-Moreshet network gives Jews around the world the opportunity for Jews in all countries to have membership in a captivating Israeli beit knesset.

Under the  spiritual leadership of Rabbi Adam Frank, the synagogue has a reputation of providing a meaningful and enthusiastic tefilah experience combined with Torah teachings that provoke, stimulate and motivate participants toward increased intensity of Jewish engagement.  Conservative Judaism is intended to be the nexus between Jewish tradition and the modern world -- Beit Knesset Moreshet Yisrael is that meeting point.



This weeks bulletin: The Shabbat Shalom:  28 May 2016

Kesher Report  - December 2015

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Rabbi Adam Frank's Parasha: A Couple Minutes of Torah 

Map of our Location : Map of our location



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